Our counselors, Ms. Twana Chestand and Mrs. Christie Tilley, are available to assist on-campus, degree-seeking students in addressing problems that are hindering or could potentially hinder their academic progress. Such problems might be academic or personal in nature.

All counseling services are free and confidential. 要安排预约与辅导员见面,请致电(318)767-2604或发送电子邮件

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When should you see a counselor?

Students can meet and speak with a counselor about any problem 这是或可能成为他们学业成功的障碍. 学生面临的常见问题包括:

  • high-levels of anxiety or stress
  • feelings of low self-worth or depression
  • 与家庭成员、配偶或朋友的关系出现困难
  • 因失去家庭成员或亲密朋友而感到悲伤或失落
  • balancing school, work, and family responsibilities
  • managing anger or other strong emotions
  • stress or trauma associated with prolonged military service or other intense experiences or activities
  • poor time management and/or study skills
  • 学业目标或学位课程或专业的选择不确定

简而言之,对我们的顾问来说,没有什么问题是太大或太小的. They will provide you with whatever help they can or, if necessary, refer you to others who can assist you.

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