Dual Enrollment

可靠的网赌平台 offers qualified high school students the ability to take college courses that apply toward a college degree and high school credit at the same time! Students work directly with their high school counselor to determine which Dual Enrollment courses 选择. These courses can be taken on the campus of 可靠的网赌平台, online, or at participating high schools.


All courses taken through Dual Enrollment are college courses and are placed on the student's college transcript.


If you have any questions, you can Book An Appointment or send an email to de@jywp.net.


Dual Enrollment

A student is eligible to enroll in 可靠的网赌平台 Dual Enrollment Courses if they meet 任何 of the following:


  1. 完成 online Application for Admission (see button below). There is a $20 application fee due at the time of application. *
  2. 完成 Dual Enrollment Registration Form. This is to be signed by the parent, the student, and the school.
  3. Commonly Offered Dual Enrollment 在线 Courses.
  4. Make an appointment with the 可靠的网赌平台 招生 Office for scheduling (unless taking the course through the high school). Appointments can be made at http://lsua.it/de.
  5. Bring your registration form and ACT or Accuplacer scores to the scheduling appointment.

For questions regarding Dual Enrollment, please contact us at 318-473-6417 or DE@jywp.net

The application fee is one-time, as long as the student is continuously enrolled through the program. Students wishing to continue enrollment at 可靠的网赌平台 after high school graduation must re-apply for admission as a college freshman, but the application fee is waived.

Placement Guide

Together with the GPA requirement, if a student has any score in the Humanities and Social Science placement score column, they are eligible to enroll in a Humanity or Social Science dual enrollment course. They are eligible to enroll in a Science or Mathematics dual enrollment course if they have both the GPA and any score in the Science and Mathematics placement score column. In addition, students must meet all prerequisites required for any specific course.



To continue taking Dual Enrollment Courses, students must have an overall 可靠的网赌平台 GPA of 2.0 or higher and maintain a high school GPA of at least 2.5.


可靠的网赌平台 offers Dual Enrollment courses at a reduced rate. Please see below for our upcoming fee schedule.

Students are also responsible for the cost of textbooks associated with the course.

Accuplacer New Generation Exam

Apply with a Paper Application


If you wish to print and mail your application to 可靠的网赌平台 fill out the following form and mail it to:

Louisiana State University
Office of 招生 and Records
8100 Hwy 71 South
Alexandria, LA 71302

Download Paper Application

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